Dani1I’m Danielle! (or Dani, as my friends call me)

I was born and raised in Southern California and have spent the last decade in Orange County. I grew up traveling but it wasn’t until later in life that I experienced my first solo trip through Europe, and after that I was hooked. I’ve since then sought out every opportunity to travel, near or far.

What do I do?

I work as a marketing and publicity consultant for a number of different clients. I also travel as much as possible– my wanderlust is insatiable!

I have contributed to Elle Magazine and published short stories in anthologies from Seal Press and Cleis Press. You can read more about my other publishing credits here.

Why do I travel?

I love exploring the world and learning about new cultures. That is why I pour my heart and soul into every trip that I plan. I make it a goal to study my destination’s native language and also learn more about its history and social customs. It’s all part of the curiosity that is constantly brewing within me when it comes to traveling.

I also enjoy meeting new people and listening to their stories, using smiles and gestures when words fail. Some of my most memorable moments on the road are filled with synchronicity, which in turn inspires my writing.

What about languages?

I’m fluent in English and German, and can make myself understood in Spanish and French. My goal is to learn as many languages as possible, and I am currently deciding which one I’d like to study next.

Where have I been?

Australia – Austria — Bulgaria — Canada — Czech Republic — Denmark — England – Fiji — Finland — France – Germany – Greece — Ireland – Italy — Mexico — Netherlands – New Zealand — Norway — Poland — Russia — Sweden — Switzerland — Turkey — United States — Wales