Adventures in Washington, DC

Challenging. Inspiring. Motivating. Relaxing. Informative. These are just a few of the words that describe the week that I just spent in Washington, DC and the areas around it. It is hard to believe that I am back now, but I feel like I left a piece of myself behind there. I’d like to return soon to reclaim it, for in my time spent there I found its residents to be both welcoming and helpful, often offering assistance without even being asked. During the Avon Walk we traversed through the National Mall, Capitol Hill, then later on to Georgetown and through the town of Chevy Chase, Maryland before ending at a park in Silver Springs. And I spent four days in Alexandria, Virginia– a charming town that I would love to explore more. Read More

The Splendor of Solvang

I am a bit late in posting this, but I have been so enthralled with Solvang and its surroundings that I had to return for a second visit a month later. I have to admit that Solvang initially seduced me when I was there a couple of years ago with my best friend, and a consequent visit with my parents just sealed the deal. I was looking forward to going back to Los Olivos as well, and doing some wine tasting at the local wineries. Read More

Escapades on the Central California Coast

I feel a little guilty about not posting sooner, but to be honest I haven’t had too many adventures since my last trip to Mexico. As much as I love traveling solo, my next favorite thing is to explore with a pair of my travel buddies, my parents. It is them that I have to thank for curating my love of exploring different cultures, and if given a choice, I would gladly choose them to travel with. So with my dad’s birthday quickly approaching, I suggested that we take another trip to the Central California Coast, namely to Solvang and the areas surrounding it. Thankfully, they obliged. Read More

Some of My Favorite Places in San Miguel de Allende

It’s been almost a month now that I’ve been back from Mexico, and it’s hard to believe how quickly time has passed. It feels like as soon as I returned home the seasons had officially changed– it was time to put another blanket on the bed and start running the heater in the mornings. And although I have settled back into my old routine, Mexico is not far from my mind. It is as if I have taken on a new lover that I can’t get out of my head, such is the passion I feel for this country. Most especially San Miguel de Allende. I think back fondly on the time I spent there and the gracious people I met, namely at the places mentioned below. Read More

Zandunga y Dia de Muertos

I’ve been so busy with this writing workshop and all of the festivities related to Day of the Dead that these last couple of days have been a blur. As I sit here in my apartment and listen to the sounds of mariachi music blaring from the dive bar on the corner, it brings a smile to my face. Even on a Tuesday evening, this place is a non-stop party. And the energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

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Adventures With a New Friend

I had one free day in San Miguel before my writing workshop started, and I wanted to make the most of it. I decided to first locate where the workshop would be held, so I made my way down Calle Hidalgo to the Centro Historico. With no set schedule, I bought a cup of coffee and settled onto a bench on the perimeter of a small park. People watching has always been a favorite activity of mine, and today was no exception.
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Bananas & Barking Dogs: My Arrival in San Miguel

After an uneventful flight, my plane touched down at the airport in Leon, Mexico, and I made my way down the steep stairs into pouring rain. I rushed down the runway, lifting the legs of my pants so as not to get them drenched, and entered the tiny baggage claim/customs area. This was not the large, almost unnavigable airport that I was accustomed to when arriving at locations like LAX or Charles de Gaulle in Paris — this was a much more manageable area that immediately lowered my stress level.

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